SECRET SPHERE – a name guaranteed to make every Power Metal freak’s heart beat faster with excitement and anticipation!
SECRET SPHERE manage to honour the heritage of big names in the metal scene creating their very own brand of Symphonic Power Metal :
catchy refrain, majestic arrangements, a multitude of musical influences (from hard rock to progressive metal) are the main ingredients of their musical recipe!
SECRET SPHERE was founded in summer 1997, by the talented guitar shredder Aldo Lonobile.
With six album under their belt , collaboration with labels like Nuclear Blast, Avalon/Marquee, Scarlet Records, Warner Music Japan; extensive tours and great live shows around the world supporting one of the most well know metal acts in the scene, such us King Diamond, Gamma Ray, Edguy , among the others; Secret Sphere are one of the most relevant Metal band from Italy.

“Portrait Of A Dying Heart” the new album featuring the new singer Michele Luppi has been acclaimed all over the world as one the best melodic metal releases of the year!

Michele Luppi – Vocals
Aldo Lonobile – All guitars
Andrea Buratto – Bass
Marco Pastorino – Rhythm guitars
Gabriele Ciaccia – Keyboards and piano
Federico Pennazzato – Drums